Arrow88 Business Solutions Inc. simply aspire to empower and make a difference to you and your businesses through technology, research and business solutions. Our goals are:
  • to know whether your resources, from manpower to technology, are still relevant or valuable
  • to bring in new insights, knowledge and enhanced skills through comprehensive training
  • to introduce cost-effective, innovative, or simplified processes for productivity and efficiency
  • to help you get more meaningful results through business process improvements, project managements and knowledge or skill enhancements


Arrow88 provides assistance on business process improvements, and knowledge and skill enhancement. Consultants work on streamlining on business processes, identifying organizational current state, recognizing organizational goals, recognizing gaps and identifying solutions to close the gaps. Training needs analysis is conducted to determine the organizational knowledge and skill requirement. Training Facilitators utilize strategies appropriate to the needs of employees. The company provides assistance to organizations requiring customer survey to raise customer satisfaction to customer delight.


Arrow88, in partnership with Filipino and International experts, is committed to empower organizations and its workforce towards productivity, efficiency and service through our training and business solutions.


Arrow88 is a team composed of engineers, entrepreneurs and organizational executives whose professional experiences are related to planning, safety, integrated systems development, business development, workforce improvements, technology and innovations, and quality management among others.

These group of professionals, who do consultations and teachings at the side, have been exposed to different industries locally and globally. A good mix of generation X and millennials, they sure do complement in terms of looking both sides of the same coin. But all in all, each is an analyst, scientist and creative in their own right who will bring out the best in your organization and your people.